Coach peacemaker verlässt NRG nach nur drei Wochen

10.12.2016 16:23

Nach nur drei Wochen haben sich die amerikanische Organisation NRG und Coach Luis ‚peacemaker‘ Tadeu wieder getrennt. Gegenüber slingshotesports gaben NRG und der Coach verschiedene Ausrichtungen für die Zukunft des Lineups als Grund für die Trennung an. Die Webseite selber beruft sich auf verschiedene Quellen und erklärt, dass der Brasilianer gerne ein amerikanisches Team aufbauen wollte, während der Plan der Organisation ein europäischen oder deutschstämmiges Quintett vorsehen soll.

Statement NRG

Luis is an incredible talent with great insight. Ultimately we had separate visions for the future of NRG esports as it relates to CS:GO and have decided to move in separate directions. Luis expressed interest in taking his vision and expertise elsewhere and we’ve come to an agreement to allow him to pursue other opportunities. We wish him the best in his future endeavors. Any organization will be lucky to have him.

Statement Luis ‚peacemaker‘ Tadeu

When I accepted NRG’s offer not long ago, I thought it was a great challenge, not only for me but for NRG as well. I’ve said that before and it’s worth repeating. Building a team from scratch and dealing with multiple different players at the same certainly made our lives a bit harder. „Know thy self” I know I will never commit to something I truly don’t believe in, and during this process with NRG we found ourselves with a couple different visions concerning players and how we should move forward. It was a difficult decision, but I decided to step down and let NRG follow their vision without causing any drama or tension. Following your priciples is never easy, but I believe in humility, grace and passion. I am not gonna lie, this is probably the worse chapter of my csgo career but I am hungry and really looking forward to my future in 2017.

I would like to thank NRG for understanding and respecting my decision and I wish them nothing but the best with their CSGO Roster.

Lineup NRG eSports

Jacob ‚FugLy‘ Medina