Ocelote unterschreibt Vertrag mit digibet

18.09.2012 14:04

Carlos Rodriguez ‚Ocelote‘ Santiago ist einer der beliebtesten Spieler in League of Legends. Dies beweisen nicht zuletzt auch seine konstant hohen Zuschauerzahlen auf seinem eigenen Stream. Dies scheint auch dem online Wettanbieter digibet.com nicht entgangen zu sein, welcher nun mit dem Spanier einen persönlichen Sponsoringvertrag vereinbarte.

 Statememt digibet.com: „eSports saw a rampant growth in popularity and relevance during the last
years, making it an absolute mass phenomenon. As one of Europe’s
biggest sports betting providers, it is natural for us to not only
provide eSports bets but to support eSports as a whole. We are thrilled
to announce our sponsoring deal with Ocelote. He is the perfect
ambassador for eSports and our eSports bets. Seeing how he is a young,
dynamic, ambitious and sympathetic athlete, I’m confident that we can
expect a lot from him in the future.“

Statement Ocelote: „After they explained their eSports concept to me I was on fire. When a
company from outside the industry tries to understand eSports it’s often
very hard for them. With the guys from digibet I instantly had the
feeling they knew what they were talking about. This is not a PR stunt.
They are in it for the long run. […]
After they showed me the storyboard for the TV spot I knew they
understood me and eSports. Everything was done in such a professional
way. So guys watch out for the new digibet TV spot. It will be released
in a few days!“

Michael Decker